Because you do not want any of your customers or employees hurt by your activity or your product, CRG Quality Consulting helps you assess your process or your design so you can be sure everything is safe and fits with the regulations.

Risk Analysis

A Risk Analysis is an assessment helping you to understand each function of your machine and the level of safety you need to have on it. CRG Quality Consulting can assist you on any type of product or process risk assessment, and help you explain what are the residual risks and the mitigations you have done to avoid any issue. Furthermore, CRG Quality Consulting can help you doing a risk analysis at your customer to explain them the potential risks of your product and how they should mitigate it.


A machinery certification can be tricky. CRG Quality Consulting can help you doing the analysis on the compatible regulations so you know what requirements you need to fulfill.

Mitigation plans

Because everything is not always perfect at once, CRG Quality Consulting can assist you by understanding the issues you have on your safety design, and help you building your mitigation plan to succeed.