Quality Management is not only a way to structure your activity, but also a mean to improve your efficiency and know how to work on your strengths.

The notion of Quality Management Systems appeared thanks to the ISO 9001. The last 2015 revision aims to make sure the companies are structured in a durable way to answer their customers needs.

To help you understand in detail this topic, CRG Quality Consulting can help you.

ISO 9001-2015 based audits

CRG Quality Consulting can assist you on internal audits and can give you the right assistance to organize your action plan in order to be ready for your certification.

Quality Management Systems

Managing the quality does not only mean doing quality controls. CRG Quality Consulting helps you building your own process cartography, as requested by the ISO 9001-2015, so you can manage each activity with the right KPIs.

Process Cartography

Once you have the right cartography, you need to go into details on each activity. CRG Quality Consulting can help you by bringing you the right tools to understand the quality impact of each step of your process.

Root cause analysis

As this is crucial to understand and solve each quality issue you have, CRG Quality Consulting can help you implementing the right tools to do practical problem solving.