Sometimes, you need help because you do not know how to handle a particular manufacturing or industrial topic. Here are the subjects on which CRG Quality Consulting can help you.


CRG Quality Consulting can help you building a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). This is a way to understand the impact of your design on your process, making sure you have anticipated every step of your production.

Industrialization follow-up

In every industry, your customers want to be sure you have planned everything so the product you will deliver fits their needs. CRG Quality Consulting can assist you to build your industrialization folder in line with your customer’s needs.

Continuous improvement

When a company is growing, it is sometimes tricky to manage all the changes smoothly. CRG Quality Consulting helps you so you can implement the efficient continuous improvement tools with your teams.


Making sure you have the right documents at the right place and at the right time is sometimes not that easy. CRG Quality Consulting can assist you assessing your documentation management and giving you the right directions to improve it.