CRG Quality Consulting

CRG Quality Consulting is able to handle any Quality, Safety or Manufacturing related topic.

Quality Management Strategy

CRG Quality Consulting helps you defining your own Quality Management strategy, your process cartography and process description.

These elements with bring you the right structure to have a durable strategy and will help you to prepare for the ISO 9001 certification.

Prices from 800 € / 950 $ / 21,000,000 VND for a 1 week mission *


CRG Quality Consulting helps you solving specific issues and brings you the right tools to avoid meeting the same issues in the future.

With risk analysis, practical problem solving or action plan tools, you will be ready to manage any quality or safety related topic.

Prices from 500 € / 570 $ / 13,000,000 VND for a 3 days mission including 1 training *

Preparation audit

CRG Quality Consulting gives you the right preparation in order to be ready for your certification audit.

We define together the right standard on which you will be audited, and specific missions can be suggested to help you develop on your findings.

Prices from 1,200 € / 1,350 $ / 31,000,000 VND for a 1 week ISO 9001-2015 audit *
* All the prices are subject to the duration of the mission and do not include the travelling costs.


Your company wants an ISO 9001 certification, but you don’t know where to start? You are struggling with quality topics? CRG Quality Consulting offers an online quality diagnostis for free to help you.

Q-Diag is a free online diagnosis based on the ISO 9001 (2015).

About me

« I have worked in Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Management for 10 years. I was mainly focused on industrial and technical topics related to R&D and documentation management. I want now to bring my expertise to my clients so they can be confident regarding the efficience of their activity. »

Charly Renoud-Grappin, Quality & Safety Consultant

My fields of expertise

Aeronautics • Robotics • Vehicles • Oil & Gas • Food • Chemical engineering

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